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Reviews for "Explode"

Well, the game mechanics were pretty...solid. It is just boggling my mind how a game that easy, short and moreover pretty damn dull can get the daily 3rd price. Is the recession in video games idea really that strong? It was basically just a minigolf game. With a bomb instead of a gold club. But that doesn't make the game good.

There is no diffuclty in this game. You can beat the game without using more than one bomb in the first run, and get the least bounces in the second. I do not say it is bad. It is just not enough.

yay awsome its super simple i love that games try it its a realy god game

Cool concept. Needs to be longer and harder though!

amidos2006 responds:

its just an experiment will make a longer version soon :)

Nice concept but should be longer. Music and sounds were nice.

Also, it's possible to finish level 8 with 2/4 bounces and level 10 with 3/5. Level 9 might also be doable with lower than par score with very precise bombing...

its a nice but easy game, you should count as a "bounce" when ball hits a bomb, if not getting par is even easier, nice concept tho, i quite enojed it!