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Reviews for "Explode"

Concept = simple = great
Controls = simple = great
Difficulty = not stupid = great
art = original = great
music = not annoying = great
duration = lacking = enjoyed what I got, but half a sandwich isn't a whole sandwich.
This game is great in every way except the length. I read you're making a longer version... great! When it takes more than 60 seconds to 100% clear it, 5 stars for you. Great work; keep it up!

well i beat every level with only one bomb each and all with min bounce on my first try but some levels i got less then minimum bounce so it seems you made the game to easy maybe try new balls sticky walls slippery floor sloped floors insane trick shots upgrade shop to make balls like lighter, smoother upgrade explosive power spikes to destroy the ball and other traps my score is unofficially 3.5-4 if you change it up you can get a definite score of 4-5

Really superb and stylish.

But you need to manage people's expectations in your game description, because everybody seems surprised that it's this short and easy (especially if they don't go for min bounce).

You said in a comment response that you're working up a longer one. Definitely tell people that in the description, too. Looking forward to an expanded version.

The game could be a bit harder, most of the levels were really simple.
I liked the music though, nice and atmospheric.

No Achievement for beating a level in UNDER the minimum?

I was able to be Level 8 with just 2 bounces.