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Reviews for "Explode"

One very serious problem with this game.

Its to goddamn short.

quick fun physics game with some nice easy medals good job i'd love to see more :)

Not the most exciting game ever but very well done for what it was and a good little set of medals. Nice job!

Great aesthetics, great concept, great execution, disappointing amount of content.
It took probably five minutes to beat everything this game had to offer, and to get every one of its medals. I'm all for games being short and sweet, but this type of concept, with this type of execution, demands probably ten times as many levels. 10 levels doesn't even seem appropriate for a demo for a game like this.
It's really my only issue with any part of this game, but it's unfortunately the most important piece that it's lacking. I would love to play a version of this game after two or three months of pure level production, but as it stands right now, it's hard to say it's ready.

Very Good game and Entertaining. I do Agree there needs to be more levels and the medals were very easy to get. All together well put together!