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Reviews for "Explode"

Eight was impossible with one bomb. All the others one bomb was easy enough. Its like the makersuddenly made a huge increase in the difficulty than dropped back down. Not only that but the balls bounced in weird trajectories.

A decent start for a simple game, but it needs a fair amount of work. The angles just aren't right in a lot of cases and that makes the levels more artificially difficult and thus frustrating than challenging in a fun way. The game would also benefit from being a bit longer and, assuming the angles are fixed, some greater difficulty.

Please fix the angles because some of the levels, they aren't even supposed to bounce in that trajectory. It is impossible to complete levels 8 and 9 because of it.

While this game presents a relatively unoriginal idea in a very simple way (with matching simple music), it is rather enjoyable. The major and most prominent flaw is its physics algorithm that not only hinders gameplay, but implies that the creator didn't care enough to test it and work out the bugs. The most atrocious examples include the ball bouncing off a wall back in the direction it came as well as the fact that when you place a bomb a certain distance from the ball (but still within its blast radius) it will actually pull the ball in rather than push it away. The mere fact that I actually played the game through to the end and worked as hard as I could to get all the achievements warrants this game a "2". As an added note unrelated to the score, I am unsure if you intended to make the bounce and # of bombs scoring separate (ex. you can score 1 bomb with 99 ounces on the first try and 99 bombs with 1 bounce for an aggregate score of 1 bomb with 1 bounce). If it is intentional then I'm sure you have your reason, but it makes controlling the number of bounces easy enough I scored "0" bounces on each level.

Oh my God, you have no concept of angles. The goal and controls are simple enough, but the angles that the balls bounce off of are either spot on correct or downright wrong! And like someone else mentioned, the "R" key should be used as Restart. The angles though, my God, the angles! If something hits a wall while going down, it does NOT bounce back up!