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Reviews for "Explode"

to short !!!
got lvl 8 in 2/4 and lvl 9 in 2/2 on first try had to go back to level 4-7 to try a few times until I got par

I didn't find anything wrong with level 8, in fact i got it on my 3rd try.
Level 9 was the killer for me, i feel the placement of the two disks are off.
The angles look like they are perfectly set-up and the game gives you a 2 bounce par which even further suggests the obvious angle strategy but no matter how many different spots i place the bomb i can't get the par.
Other than that it's a neat game, not sure what people are complaining about when it comes to the physics being off.

amidos2006 responds:

sorry I am correcting all levels :)

I think the best way to do this in this game would probably be to constrain the bomb to a grid system, so there were less places they player could put it. That way the bounce angles would work the way they're supposed to. (Though the physics do seem off a bit. Are you using Math.atan2 to find the angles?)

For example, if we look at level 4, I understand logically that putting a bomb in the middle of the three balls should get them all to their goals with one shot. The current setup makes it nearly impossible to do, though, which means I feel the game is more at fault than I am.

Aside from that the game has a nice simple design. I think if it was more of a logic puzzle people would like it better.

everything i can think of is wrong with this it needs a total do over.

As everyone else has said, the physics of this game were very weird. Balls would fly off of walls at odd trajectories, or even curve during flight (the first time I saw one of the trajectory lines *move* during flight was an "omg" moment). And as some have noticed, the bombs can actually end up pulling the balls. This is actually possible with a real bomb for it to cause a implosion like this, but that isn't exactly expected with your name of "explode".

In the early levels, I found it was difficult to get an idea for how far a bomb would actually send a ball, since the ball just goes to a dead stop the second it hits the goal. While this wasn't important in the early levels, it became important when all of a sudden the force of a bomb wasn't enough to get you to the goal unless you hit it exactly right.

The one bomb achievement seemed a bit odd to me in that every level only required one bomb, and then tracking that across all levels as "2/1" or "3/1" or "1/1". If all of them requires just one bomb, the "/1" seems a bit redundant.

The lack of a retry button / key made it very difficult to get the one bomb game just because with the bad physics it became a very challenging "place the bomb on the exactly correct pixel" problem, and I had to keep losing track of where my mouse had already been because I had to move it just to click through a few menus to get back to the level each time I wanted another try.

Last, I'm not sure if it was intentional, but your min bounce and min bomb scores are kept track of independently, so I can get insane scores like "0/5 bounces" by using 30 bombs to slowly pull the ball exactly the way I want it, without worrying about hurting my bomb count. And then I can retry the level a few hundred times and try to place one bomb exactly right and not worry about the number of bounces. Then I come out with 1/1 bomb and 0/5 bounces even though that combination for that level is impossible.