Reviews for "Evoke"

AWESOME! this is one of the best spot the difference games i have ever played! seriously good job, the artwork is beautiful. it's very unique and different, good job!

Good, very good but so hard! I enter a level thinking that the way thing are drawn that it should be pretty easy to find everything, but those one or two tiny little things elude me. In other words, very appreciative of the skip level button

That was honestly one of the best "spot the difference" games I've ever played. Some of the things were so subtle. It as actually challenging, and the art was really cool. Only thing is that some differences I would never have seen if I wouldn't have put my head on my desk. They were almost exactly the same color as the background which made it really hard to notice.
Still really fun.

Brilliant, marvelous and stupendous! I really enjoyed this since you have to pay real close attention to detail. The graphics were surreal and outworldly (which is my favorite form of art being nightmarish, disturbing or dreamy). The music was another nice touch as well, A bit of dark ambient to bring about some dream sequenced vibes to add more into "the journey". I'm very impressed by your work. And for that I'm going to bestow you a solid 4/5 and a 5/5 in voting power. You really did deserve this for your hard work and creative efforts. Congratulations my good sir! I hope you'll continue creating more unique works to contribute and share here. I hope you've enjoyed this review. Good day.

Such cute & beautiful scenes. Made the game v enjoyable.

The only problem I found was when the 'difference' was near the Skip button once the button had disappeared from view - it would skip to the next scene when I hadn't finished. Did others find that, or is it the way my screen displays things?