Reviews for "Thoughtform"

This game was a blatant copy of coma, and nowhere near a good one. Its like you soaked in some of the ideas and spewed them onto the computer into this poor excuse of a game. You were trying to hard to be coma and its actually pretty insulting while playing. I found myself quickly irritated because of the similarities and real lack of effort. Art is completely uninspired and thrown together. I wouldn't be surprised if I were to found out you made this in two days. This is a massive waste of a game and you should be ashamed of putting this online.

A bit confusing, but very good!

I broke him. I tried to do the bird part, but he fell through the ground and stuff.

No keyboard key to progress the dialogues makes me a very sad panda!

Seriously, switching between keyboard and mouse sucks.

I beat the game, I figured out a way to escape the house, you just have to light up the lamps in the correct order, if you light up a lamp and the house gets dark and red, unlight all the lamps and relight the lamps again, find the correct order, mine was 2-5-1. You must light up 3 lamps, and the house must still be blue, then you continue the game, a few more minutes and you beat it. Interesting story, but the music is too repetitive, I mean, more songs could make it more thrilling, like a dark song at the end of the game when you return home backwards.
Favorited, 5/5 & 10/10.