Reviews for "Thoughtform"

I think the main problem I have with this is that it's not very engaging which is the main challenge when working with a surreal setting maybe if the audience got to learn a little more about the character Red the experiences within the game would have more impact, otherwise though it had some nice dreamy, mysterious atmosphere and I liked some of the really weird backgrounds in the house as well as the light puzzle.

Nothing really made sense to me, and there was far too much backtracking and lack of any sort of direction. Backtracking only works if the gameplay is fun then people don't mind going through things again because it was fun the first time, but all you did was walk. I know this was supposed to be an art game but maybe put a little more depth in it next time.

amazing but a little buggy in the tree part

You should never implement both keyboard and mouse unless you have to. Unless they're both needed then it really makes gameplay awkward, and in this case there was no reason not to make the text continue via the keyboard.

Other than that main point there was far too much backwards and forwarding for the story and the "puzzles". I can see where the flashing light one's going and honestly I can't say I care enough about the story to spend any more time going through these corridors, especially since they're so long that all it really does is emphasise how overly simple the animation is.

There's nothing wrong with doing a short little arty animation to tell a weird plot but the pacing shouldn't so slow or drawn out as to take away from the gameplay.

I enjoyed it. It was fairly straight forward and i did not use a walkthrough. The story line was confusing thought, I didn't get it.