Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

Loved it ;P Nice idea and well made. Encountered a small amount of lag briefly at one point but it was very short and I am on my laptop. I loved the idea of having allies backing you up all the way and actually being helpful rather then in the way xD

All in all I find it an awesome idea and quite fun. Not sure why I'm seeing so many negative votes -_- especially with such generic responces. Haven't seen all the reviews but I'm sure there will be a "Add Multiplayer ROFLMOAWWDWDW!!!!W"!£!" somewhere...

Love the shield system, it's concept has been used many times in different games yet nearly never done right when it comes to flash games (Usually to ...clunky *Shrug*)

All in all I think it was fun to play

I tried my best to collect all the medals. So far, I did. Well, except for the "The Diplomat" medal. Overall, the game is fun and addictive so 5/5 =)

Really cool game,I enjoyed it!

this game is fun good job

My god i thought I was gonna beat it, then the Mg's came in and I was like "STOP SHOOTING AT ME! SHOOT AT THE OTHER ALLIED GUYS!"

Asvegren responds:

that's the spirit!