Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

Great concept but I would prefer a bird's eye view. Side scrolling felt a little weird. Also think that graphics could've been a little simpler.

Well...not so good due to the fact that that you have unlimited ammo in your clip.I would just run all over the screen with my spacebar pressed and kill all the enemies.Also I didn't find any particular purpose of picking up the bodies of dead soldiers-The character would just carry them for some thime and then drop them.The running mechanic was a bit...fcked up-the character was way too uncontrolable.When I hit foward and hold the button and then hit back he would sometimes run till the right edge of the screen and then back at the left edge.

Great Game Review Will Be Written soon :)

Fun at the beginning, but then boring and boring, sry !

great concept as a runner game.. but it was hectic, especially with the constant bombings which just lagged and killed the whole experience badly.