Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

This game is splendid. It actual gives an experience that feels more realistic. For example, instead of predictable artillery strikes, they all come at random and catch you off guard and the fact that there is no health gauge and a bullet puts the player down instantly really makes the player go for those dead nazi bodies for cover. I would have given this a five but, the A.I. team mates do little to nothing in order to provide help of any kind besides being as cover.

I really like the intro, very well done. But the game is a bit "strange". In one way I like the fact that you can just be blown up by random from a granade, but I think I would like a bit more gruesome feeling. The small comments at the bottom like "Bang" or "That's got to hurt!" feel't very out of place imo. Also the way the soldier is picking up nazi bodies looks strange, it looks more like he is carrying them to safety then using them as human shield.

I really like the shell of this game, but not as much the content. Still it is impressive in many areas, especially the intro :)

I tried my best to collect all the medals. So far, I did. Well, except for the "The Diplomat" medal. Overall, the game is fun and addictive so 5/5 =)

a very easy game

Asvegren responds:

...you didn't complete it?

Great concept but I would prefer a bird's eye view. Side scrolling felt a little weird. Also think that graphics could've been a little simpler.