Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

the ground where the artillery hits get slightly darker. its like a shadow. kinda fun little game. :)

that stupid artilery i dont now how when comes i cant dodge because i dont know whne he comes

More like ''Die-roll of War'''.

The unpredictable artillery strikes make this game more of an experience in the brutalty of war than an enjoyable game. I agree that it is more realistic that way but it also takes the skill out of the game. Perhaps decreasing the frequency of artillery strikes could improve the playability without sacrificing as much realism.

Shooting is not too important because your allies and the artillery strikes kill enemies rather quickly. That's why the unlimited clip size is not game breaking. It's pretty handy for getting the kill related medals though.

Despite the problems in playability, the music, animation and overall graphics and feel of the game are good.

Whoo, that was fun!
amazing work, and music.
I defeated it by running around like a headless chicken, picking up corpses, and shooting randomly

An mediocre game. Needs more shizzle to it. Maybe some story? I find the idea of picking up corpses and using them as armour quite weird... quite weird indeed.