Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

Generic, and rife with historical inaccuracies. I understand its a game, but as a WW2 buff its too much for me to ignore. 1st off, there were no paratroops landing on the beaches.they were deployed behind the lines to secure bridges and crossroads towns. If you were to try to land them on the beach, most of them would have landed in deep water, or behind the German lines on the cliff to be cut to shreds. Also, every American soldier with an SMG? Nice try, garands were the order of the day. I could understand if you gave the protagonist a Thompson and the rest garands. As far as the game itself, i didn't really see any interest in it. also, that has got to be the widest beach in the world. (End history nerd rant)

I am a major fan of just the concept of WW2 in general. For me this game is really fun, and I would love to see more games like this in the future.

As a fan of WW2 based games this is actually pretty fun.
I'm not sure how it was on the beaches of Normandy but from what I've learned is that they didn't intercept resistance ON the beach, rather than on the cliffs. Using bodies as a human shield, although was a good idea for a run n gun type of game, doesn't work as well as you'd think it would on a beach.

Asvegren responds:

Artistic license!

Good game. Fun while it lasted. I felt you missed out on making it more interesting. If you can get past the ludicrous idea of using dead bodies as a shield, it is amusing as a game play mechanic. Got pretty crazy towards the end too.

Stupid game actually, + running with a dead body of nazi is stupid