Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

This game is quite bad. It isn't really original and the difficulty is bogus. I only ever died from a random mortar blast which I couldn't dodge, and although this is a shooting game, I only managed to kill 2 enemies. After that every time I managed to see one, he would be killed by my allies or a mortar explosion.

About as fun as watching your grandparents having sex while you shove a screwdriver up your eardrums.

nerd rage aside it wasnt fun
especially not when i lost most of my lives to unpredictable mortars

This wasn't exactly as fun as I thought it would be. The ner rant below, pretty much summarizes my sentiments about the historical context. Also I got stuck on the top of the map a lot. Dodging seems pointless in the game and not to mention the objective of the game (which seems to be running in a giant gerbil wheel).

Boring game. for something that's supposed to be a shooter all of the enemy soldiers are killed before you get near them and random explosions with no chance to evade is the only reason i ever died. weak.