Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

i love ww2 i always wach shows on the military channal :P

i agree with the first guy, it's clear that you put in lots of effort. i LOVE ww2 and i especially love the invasion of france. you should pat your self on the back, well done.

You sir deserve a 99999/5 but that isn't possible. This game is extremely addictive. I see hateful comments but they are just here to troll. this game is epic. Running through a war zone!Long map for maximum experience. This epic. This is the best game Ive played in months. i can see all the time u put into it. People will complain but more people with support you than hate. Keep it Up!

Asvegren responds:


challeneging and fun game. I see alot of complaints that are from spoonfed young people that expect a big warning sign of mortars that they are use to in modern games.

Mortars are not "random" or "unpredicable" there is a clear shadow where they are going to land, just move dummy.

If you make it past the mortars there is a machine gun, just look where the bullets are landing and stay on the other side of the screen.

Make sure to run over enemy bodies to get a sheild, it will save you from enemy fire and barbed wire, but not mortars. If you get hit you lose the shield, so pick up another body.

The first few times just hold fire and don't worry about killing your allys you can learn that later.

Asvegren responds:

Reviews like this keep me sane. Glad you liked it!

This really isnt as bad as everyone says it is. I got exactly 900 meters on my 3rd try. Its not outrageously hard. I found it fun and slightly epic.

The only problem i had was how unsmooth the game runs. Its almost as though it is constantly lagging.
Besides that, i enjoyed it!