Reviews for "Art of War Omaha"

Simple but boring. The graphics are okay, and the music is fitting. I noticed that after a while it gets choppy.

simple game, not much to it, boring. playing it normally i think its pretty goddamn hard, especially since you can often not see the mortars coming because of the fire of a previous mortar. So 1 life I think is impossible.

luckily these games are always buggy, so if u wanna finish, just pick up a corpse and run to top right corner, you'll be almost out of screen and nothing can hurt you >> finish game.

This game is descent. It is a simple game. The music complements the game. I find it easier to shoot nonstop. I didn't care if there allies end up in front of me, and I shoot them. Maybe you can limit the ammo. I give this game 3 stars.

uhh well...the game could be beter cause ehhh the animation is bad (some one has to say it) the grafics are good but causes much lag,it doesnt got wepons variety and it wuld be awsome that it was a mission one. XODA.

another stupig shooter... ww2 is over you don't have to make another stupid game with nazis... (ps look at medal 6)