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Reviews for "Hexagon"

controls are horrible, overshooting the cursor is easily done and since you may not make a single error this gets very frustrating very quicly. 1 light tab on left or right results in way to much movement of the arrow, even correcting your position is tedious and often results in being killed.

you also have to be quick and really long press left or right to make a long movement, this will almost always results in an overshoot, sometimes you can correct for it but it stays annoying.

Since this game is ridiculiously hard you die pretty fast which means.... repetitive music starting over and over and over whenever I die, many games have this issue, but since this game goes so fast its very annoying.

I made it to lvl 3 because somehow one time lvl 2 was very easy, but then I didnt even bother trying lvl 3.

concept is oke, but since controls are kinda important here you get such a low score from me.

"Game over"

I really want to like this game, and give it a high(er) rating, but I just can't.

The fact is the idea behind this game might be good, but the execution of it is well beyond poor.
It fundamentally lacks any form of balance.
There is allmost literally no build up: after the start anything can happen, because this game is completely randomized.
Why have levels in a game whereas progression depends so heavily on being lucky (because of the random environment) instead of having actual skill?
Per example: getting to level 3 is only harder than getting to level 2 because of the length it will take you to get there (if you die in between/have seperate attempts), because it is a randomized "level" and not a designed one.
This makes for a poor gaming experience.

It has been mentioned in other reviews too but I'll say it as well: the fact that you have to use the directional keys and that you'll easily shift too far is too problematic.

This game could be about timing and insight, but the controls aren't perfect and the game is randomized in various ways and each of those ways is problematic, and because of this it is more about how much a person can take, how lucky he is/how the randomly generated environment is.

The music gets far too repetitive, because it can take ever so long to get higher in this game.
Therefore the option to mute music, or to choose a different tune is a must.

Also a seizures-warning is mandatory for any game like this: the bright flashes, the changing of colors, the rapid pulsating shapes.
Do you realise not warning people about the possible side-effects of playing this game can be a serious hazard? Companies put those warnings up to prevent that and possible law-suits that may follow accordingly if they don't.

Thanks for the seizures-warning......

Way too fucking difficult. Otherwise okay though. Sadly enough the difficulty is too overwhelming.

This game is completely unplayable simply because of how sensitive the controls are. Tapping the arrow keys sends the triangle over two sides of the hexagon making it impossible to just move over one side.

I award you no stars, and may god have mercy on your soul.