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Reviews for "Hexagon"

how hardcore am i for getting to level 3? seems pretty hardcore of me

Hum seems to be a great game .. but i can't figure out how to play ... Congrats for Itunes ranking

I want to like this game. It's not impossible.

But while there's difficulty that comes from the game itself, from the speed and the rhythm of the incoming pieces you have to dodge, your greatest nemesis in this game is an extremely sensitive set of controls. You will have times where you lose because the cursor overshot, and times where you lose because you overcompensated and didn't move far enough.

These two things, by far, will comprise the majority of your losses, as opposed to just not thinking fast enough.

Well executed and the music was nice, but there was nothing to it. Besides that, the constant but changing motion of it literally made me feel seasick. I'm not saying this is a terrible game, but just did not work out for me.

A 2 for the level I could reach before thinking "is this game designed to be hard or is just poorly thought out"? Sure it's meant to be hard I get that but then the game keeps changing the patterns and shapes on you and that swirly part is only barely theasable half the time. Reduce the difficulty and make the levels more obtainable and you'll have a much more enjoyable game.