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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Alright, so lets do this:
The controls are bad, because the arrow moves way too fast, you cannot make exact moves. [-1]
The difficulty of this game is way too high. The game goes faster and faster and you cannot focus on anything else. [-1]
Out of the both two bad things, the music of this game is pretty good!

Overall, this game COULD be better, but for now it's pretty unplayable for me because of the keyboard controls.

In all honesty I want TO get into this, and be part of the fun, I would have gave this a full 5 stars up but due to it's insane difficulty, I must rate a 3, this may be nitpicky, but the difficulty of this game is very hard, and leads me so I can hardly even beat the 2nd level. I think the problem is rather then using the keyboard you should have made it so we can use the mouse instead as that for most people would be much easier to control. Or have at least added a easy mode, it's really hard to squeeze that arrow through those huge mazes that pop up and will not go slow for you. The game was just very hard overall. But as for the good stuff, the music was awesome, and the concept is awesome, like I said, it just should have at least had an easy mode, the difficulty makes it so most can't get very far, and we don't want that, we want to enjoy it.
Goob job, overall.

Not as much fun as the real version! but this is a good demo

Cary is my master.

Well executed and the music was nice, but there was nothing to it. Besides that, the constant but changing motion of it literally made me feel seasick. I'm not saying this is a terrible game, but just did not work out for me.