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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Step it up, chumps. 69:59 on hexagon difficulty.

The key to this is to treat it almost like a rhythm game, especially for things like the double half spirals. Cues in the music game let you know how long to spin and not overshoot, just listen.

A very underestimated game.

An excellent and original concept with a very tasty challenge level. The only problem that I founded in the game, it's the main track, despite its suitable at the beginning, in the long run it's quite repetitive and annoying.

My record is 60:53 > http://imgur.com/3Jw9F

Catchy but the controls are, at times, too sensitive or not sensitive enough. im gonna rate 4.5/5 right now. if adjustments are made...for the better...i will vote 5/5

very frusterating, with the epic techno music and pretty colors moving around so fast, its so confusing
i think it should have a tuturial, cuz it took me like 10 minutes to understand how come i was losing. but anyways, nice game broseph!

This game should be made into an arcade this instant!

I recommend!