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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Very fun game, when I beat it I felt like when I beat Dark souls.
Question though are epileptic seizures normal?

MooseFisher adequately sums up my thoughts on the matter. It's like I know where I want to go, but it's either not fast enough, or the keys aren't precise enough to get me there.
My recommendation would be to either use the mouse, or go with a "floating arrow" that can touch the lines, but gets pushed inward, and if it touches the middle, it's game over. A good example is the game of falldown, where the ball rests on the platform till it finds a hole to go through. There's no need to avoid the platforms altogether.

The nature of this game has pushed me to writing my first review.

I enjoy the sounds, look, and idea. The execution seems to create a glass ceiling.

The obstacles are all based on the hexagon layout, yet the movement is not. What I mean is, rather than simply pressing the arrows to move to a different area, you have to hold the arrow keys to drag yourself to safety. Often, this resulted in over and under-shots that ended the game, even if the player symbol was just a little bit in the wrong region.
In addition, it seems you have created a very hard wall for the transition to level 2. I often encountered a very tight corkscrew that I was unable to move through fast enough. Another was a less tight corkscrew, but with thick blocks in the way. These combined with the speed of the obstacles and the rotation of the screen made for a near-impossible challenge.

I suppose the dragging works well for the ipad and iphone, but it doesn't work with the arrow keys.

If the system is to dodge obstacles in a hex pattern, I suggest the movement system be a single key press to move to the next region. This will still require quick reflexes and control while minimizing the 'off by a margin' failures.

Again, I love the idea, sounds, and look. Please tweak the movement system!

Holy eyestrain batman!
Very addictive, no idea how many times i've played since 10-20 mins ago but it's not getting old anytime soon.
Got to 19.17 and think i'll quit to give my eyes a bit of a rest for now!

A 2 for the level I could reach before thinking "is this game designed to be hard or is just poorly thought out"? Sure it's meant to be hard I get that but then the game keeps changing the patterns and shapes on you and that swirly part is only barely theasable half the time. Reduce the difficulty and make the levels more obtainable and you'll have a much more enjoyable game.