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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Suggest adding in a difficulty setting. Other than that, great game. I think this is my new tetris.

Way too sensitive. Can't last more than a few seconds. Lol.

Should make the arrow less sensitive.

So 23:50 is my best after a few dozen attempts. Wish I could have done better but when you have the vibrations of a person whos thunderous steps penetrate though everything it becomes impeding to reflexes and just plain distracting. And this is against a game thats pulsing and flashing and rotating and changing directions and just plain trying to disorientate.

I love this. But I seem to over steer a lot and it kills me. Especially in the spirals. DAMN YOU SPIRALS!

great difficulty, i love how the music change sighlty every restart, and love epileptic games :D