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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Cool game, controls are a bit too sensitive maybe, it's easy to overshoot your move. The music and the way it s played is addictive though, nice one


I love games like this, I played it a little this morning, but rage quit because the controls seemed really off, but when I came back everything seemed to work a lot smoother so maybe it was just me. The controls were fine, but maybe could have been a little more responsive.

Eventually got 105:45 because I felt the need to replay until I got a decent score over 60.

Frustrating, but good.

At the first level I got 9:59 which was so annoying because it was so close

Omg this is the game with music by Chipzel
I remember earlier today pouting that I wouldn't be able to try this game out cuz it was on iPod
So glad there is a newgrounds version.
This Game ROCKS!!