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Reviews for "Hexagon"

I love the game, only too hard, i kinda wish there's a "choose you song" option, it's kinda boring after a while hearing that song, i do notice the center hexagon seems to be in rhythm with the music, i think the drum beat, heck why dont you put other music as well? Like from the music in newgrounds?

I want to like this game. Incredibly challenging but the controls are crap. Needs a mouse option for more precise control. arrow keys just dont do it.

controls are horrible, overshooting the cursor is easily done and since you may not make a single error this gets very frustrating very quicly. 1 light tab on left or right results in way to much movement of the arrow, even correcting your position is tedious and often results in being killed.

you also have to be quick and really long press left or right to make a long movement, this will almost always results in an overshoot, sometimes you can correct for it but it stays annoying.

Since this game is ridiculiously hard you die pretty fast which means.... repetitive music starting over and over and over whenever I die, many games have this issue, but since this game goes so fast its very annoying.

I made it to lvl 3 because somehow one time lvl 2 was very easy, but then I didnt even bother trying lvl 3.

concept is oke, but since controls are kinda important here you get such a low score from me.


lvl 5 : pentagon
best : 45:17