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Reviews for "Hexagon"

A very underestimated game.

An excellent and original concept with a very tasty challenge level. The only problem that I founded in the game, it's the main track, despite its suitable at the beginning, in the long run it's quite repetitive and annoying.

My record is 60:53 > http://imgur.com/3Jw9F

I'm sure this game is much more fun to play using the touchscreen-based control system for the smartphone I don't have and can't afford that this game was clearly intended for as evidenced by the pixelated 'buy our game for your smartphone' ad that was plastered over the game as it was thanking me for playing the game I hadn't played yet because there was an ad sitting in front of it (which after not going away for a while almost led me to believe that there was no game).

But I'm sure your smartphone-owning paying customers will enjoy the app, so it's all good.

While being very fun to try and beat, this game is frustrating and impossibly difficult. The lights and bumps of the screen are distracting, but I think that they complement the game nicely, on the other hand, the rotating of the screen makes keeping track of what you're doing more difficult than it should be. The controls are.. clunky? Despite there only being two keys to use. The arrow moves very fast, which causes it to be very easy to overshoot, or undershoot, your target side of the hexagon. This could have been remedied using one of two methods.
a. Make it so that the arrow snaps to sides, one tap of the left arrow key, and the arrow moves to the middle of the nearest surface of the hexagon on the left, inversely for the right arrow key.
b. Add a control, shift or "z" or something, that would slow down the arrow, making it easier to correct yourself if you go a little bit too far.

level 19 Suckers!
Still a good game for Pro`s like me! :P

Nice idea. Controls are fiddly and its epicly hard!