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Reviews for "Hexagon"

I've never been so proud of myself for connecting 3 lines to make a triangle.

I feel like im playing Polybius for 3 reasons:

1.- This is adictive.
2.- I'm going to have nightmares for not beating it.
3.- I want to die because is too hard

Anyway, great game! 5\5

This might sound counter intuitive but this game is easier to play 3 or 4 beers in. My best is 125:43. I think i could do better but now I'm about 6 beers in so I'll wait til tomorrow. I wish they uploaded the different versions of this here because I don't own and iPhone and will never buy the app anyway.

Awesome music, and addicting gameplay.

But the difficulty is sadistic and it's making me really dizzy.

Really addictive, really simple concept, and really hard difficulty curve.
The music is brilliant, the game entertained me for a good hour and a half I'd say. So far my best score is 103:44.
As I said, it's difficult to begin with, but once you've lost about 50 times you start getting the hang of it, and those nasty spiral things that seemed like certain death before suddenly aren't so bad.
Totally disorienting and trippy gameplay and music make it hard to concentrate and occasionally you'll slip up and go the wrong direction, but I suppose that's the point really.
The triangle could've been made to move a tad faster, since some scrapes are really too close for comfort, and some catch you out because you were only a tiny bit too slow. But then I suppose that helps hone your reflexes.
Regardless of what everyone else says, I liked this game, and it provided a lot of entertainment for quite a while.