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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Great game. It's simple but still pretty hard. It's not impossible, you just have to concentrate. 5 stars, and you deserved every one of them.

God damnit no! so frustratingly challenging! One of the most challenging games I've played, and yet so simple! You know how to make good puzzles.

In some games, a score of 86:57 would be terrible for an endurance run. This game has opened my eyes. On a unrelated note, can someone help me stop the world from spinning?

At first, this game pissed me off. Now my record is at 188:20! Awesome game bro.

And it was so that the lesser shapes would dance around the Hexagon Goddess on their path to enlightenment. And in her infinite mercy the Hexagon Goddess would play, for the pilgrims the finest tune as they ascended the path of enlightenment; a trecherous journey with many strange lines and deadly cyclones. She would pulsate with the beat of the music and this pattern calmed the pilgrims so that they were able to pass that which seemed impossilbe with ease. And when it came that a pilgrim did attain enlightenment the new hexagon would fuse itself to the Hexagon Goddess like two atoms of carbon. And the humans were entertained and it was good.

6th Hexagonal Chapter 6 Verses 6-12

P.S. It is a shame I cannot give this game a rating of six.