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Reviews for "Hexagon"

very frusterating, with the epic techno music and pretty colors moving around so fast, its so confusing
i think it should have a tuturial, cuz it took me like 10 minutes to understand how come i was losing. but anyways, nice game broseph!


Graphics were meh, music was meh, the idea was ok. The overly sensitive controls make this game almost unplayable. This is just one big steaming pile of mediocrity.

Love the music but the controls are a tad sensitive. If you barely press the arrow keys your arrow flies around in circles. I kept over shooting the openings and that gets irritating after awhile. Never got past the 2nd level because the controls are just too sensitive. also not to mention that the right arrows makes it go left and left makes it go right. Good concept though. Nice try

I can't help but feeling the main difficulty in this game is the perception it plays on the players eyes. I can't say I know many games that intentionally do this. I'm not sure if it does it to everyone but for me the main difficulty curve was training your eyes to continually try to focus on the outer most part to plan your next move while trying to be accurate at the most center part. The movement of everything seems to be dragging my focus inward when i have to be focused outward. It's obvious to me, that the difficulty comes from having to train yourself to not to let your eyes focus in on the center.

if the game was not successful at drawing your eyes inward I suspect the difficulty would be much easier, but thats why I like the game...the difficulty is continually "checking" the way you're perceiving the environment in the game. In order to win you have to be somewhat "counter-intuitive."

I'm not sure on the whole "leveling" thing considering the difficulty seems to be almost relatively the same through out. I got stuck getting the 30 sec mark, but the game i achieved the 30 sec mark, i almost achieved the 60 sec mark and only missed it by a second or two.

I enjoyed the difficulty of it, and the leniency on the hit detection keeps people from getting frustrated. I still have a perceptual problem of recognizing which is left and right depending on my orientation but if I mastered it I'm sure I could hit the 200 sec mark like i saw one commenter got close to.

one a side note, kind of reminds me of VVVVVV.

great game.