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Reviews for "Hexagon"

This is amazing. The confusion really gives a challenge, and the music is just perfect, the shapes seem to pulse with the rythm. this is most excellent and addictive.

I like the idea, but it gave me a headache. Controls need to be a little easier to (lol) controll. Nice Tunes though!

I want to like this game. It's not impossible.

But while there's difficulty that comes from the game itself, from the speed and the rhythm of the incoming pieces you have to dodge, your greatest nemesis in this game is an extremely sensitive set of controls. You will have times where you lose because the cursor overshot, and times where you lose because you overcompensated and didn't move far enough.

These two things, by far, will comprise the majority of your losses, as opposed to just not thinking fast enough.

Honestly, I like this game. It takes a fair bit of getting used to, definitely, but once you do, it's really quite enjoyable. When you're 'zoning out,' beating your previous records and such... It's really pretty awesome :P Likewise, the music and graphics do a great job of setting just that kind of mood.

Also, I like the skill it takes. It is difficult and it can be frustrating, but once you start doing better, it feels that much more rewarding. Those spirals were like constant death to me early on, but by the time I finally powered through to hexagon, dodging them felt like a breeze.

So yeah, all in all? I really liked this game. I think it's done well. 5/5

Really should have had this control with the mouse and not the arrow keys. Otherwise it's an okay game, not really bad but just mediocre.