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Reviews for "Hexagon"

@NarutoInoFan1992 I got to level 4 :|.

I finally got to Hexagon. This game is AWESOME! it just feels really good.
I have an imagination, and i think this game would have been talked about for decades if it had come out in the 1980's. you know, as an arcade cabinet? I honestly want this game in an arcade cabinet.
1 quarter = 5 tries, 1 nickel = 1 try.
It would be so awesome!
Well i have the game bookmarked and play it a little bit every day. i am so damn impressed with how it is able to keep my attention...
Well i'm back to beat my new high score of 63 seconds.
oh also, Super hexagon looks IMPOSSIBLE. but i need to try it...

one word HARD if anybody can get passed level 1 you are a god i did my best of like an hour and i can't

i will try later but for now the game has won lol

I'm soooo glad that you continue from the beginning of the level you were on, makes me want to rip my face off less! Makes me wish for hyper-reflexes, amazing game!!

I am addicted to this game.
Brilliant job.