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Reviews for "Hexagon"

I have a new least favorite shape. I can't get past level TWO! I suck XD

ARGH. I wish I had a way to play super hexagon at school cause this isn't doing it for me. Its great to see the change from Hexagon to Super Hexagon.

I really miss the feature from super hexagon where you can touch walls on the sides without dying other than that this version is suuuuper easy.

High score after 5 mins of playing this version 118s. 9 hours of playing super hexagon's hexagonest hyper mode 25s -.-

This game gives super bleedy eyes of super awesomeness to my beautiful face! -Toby Turner

Keep getting a shitty bug that makes the little arrow keep spinning for seconds after I've let go of the key -_-
Other than that, this is awesome and i love it. I can't rate high enough! xD I want to be the MASTAR!
So on a quick note, Newgrounds, please don't delete this comment! I'm not "being a total jerk" I'm just reporting a bug and I love the game anyway :)

One of the most awesome, hard to master, addictive games I've ever played. My favorite thing my be the music xD