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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Can't go above 50:11 because I thought 50 was the last level. It turns out to be never ending story:p
Great game, very addictive, love it.
If somebody doesn't believe me PM me in inbox and I'll show you screen cap

Imagine if you put a mute button, and i will play the music "Super Hexagon OST: Hexagonist/Hyper Hexagonist" on this. That would be cool! xD

Also, fun and hardest game! Im still stuck with Square with 39:53! I was so close with Pentigon! xD (5/5!)

46:17 !!!

i cant pass the square! my mortal enemy :(

The most amazing endless game known to man the retro nectar of the gods
just bought super hexagon I no longer have a life.