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Reviews for "EAT MY ROTTEN MEAT 2012"

Thanks After watching this my pain from my last thos goring and tearing my fles a part try to make space starterd hurtin less after watching this ;)

You should be president of the entire universe

Wow that was....Unsettling as holy fuck 0-0

I almost forgot how grotesquely awesome of a site NG can be sometimes. Jeez, I mean the animation is a bit off but it still is disturbing as hell. Been a while since a flash movie can make me cringe like that. Yikes!

Well all said it's a disturbing cartoon just in time for hallowseve so if It scared me I'd say you did the job right.

emily-youcis responds:

helllls ya , wut with Pulp Pixels there has been a lotta pussy bullshittery.
But now here, we have full on, Bulll Shit@ @ ! Or rather, PIgs Shit!
Thank you to Tom, and Wade, and the newgrounds crew@ ! I knew you were savin' it for hallows' ween, ya sun of a guns!!!

Oh Emily how I wish I could find a girl like you but im sure if I did she would be an emotional trainwreck and be good for nothing more than a fuck. But id be cool with it.

emily-youcis responds:

Heh I am most certainly not a trainwreck. I'm a train that's go - go - goin, into the cartoon hall - o -fame!! Though the emotions are often turmultuous, I am keen at managing them and channeling them into cartoons.
That's why you girls have to do cartoons. It will save you from bein a fuckin pathetic whiny cutter cunt! So have faith, sir!!

Antichrist and no moral ... Cool i like this :D Go with me to hell will be fuck >XD