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Reviews for "EAT MY ROTTEN MEAT 2012"

This... this... i think im going to vomit, piss myself, and cry all at the same time. All i'm gonna say is... WHAT THE FUCK!?!? P.S. You're not very "normal" are you? P.S.S. What would it be like to watch this high? P.S.S.S. Do you really find this entertaining or arousing in ANY WAY? Well made, though.

emily-youcis responds:

Hhahha oh cheesecritic 69, wut a fien fine review. 10/10. Actually, you take part in the slaughter every day by just living in the United States. You don't see it, but the things in this video are a part of your daily life, whether you witness it or not!! Also, I made this thing high! And when i show it to people I reccomend they get nicely buzzed. For the last question, no I do not find this arousing. I find it to be pure entertainment, and a good hard look at the modern day world. I suppose a few people beat off to it but I would never fap to this video. If I did fap it would be just because of my pride in the Quality Animation I made.

This is what hell looks like


this was just about the most fucked up thing Ive ever witnessed. You are a very special person sir.

What the fuck was that?

It's creative and well produced, I guess. 5 stars.