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Reviews for "EAT MY ROTTEN MEAT 2012"

......................well that was just lovely

That was just insane... awesome.

It is always nice to be surprised once in a while. Good work on the video.

Oh Emily how I wish I could find a girl like you but im sure if I did she would be an emotional trainwreck and be good for nothing more than a fuck. But id be cool with it.

emily-youcis responds:

Heh I am most certainly not a trainwreck. I'm a train that's go - go - goin, into the cartoon hall - o -fame!! Though the emotions are often turmultuous, I am keen at managing them and channeling them into cartoons.
That's why you girls have to do cartoons. It will save you from bein a fuckin pathetic whiny cutter cunt! So have faith, sir!!

... Words cannot describe what I just witnessed or measure how fucked up it was. The story was interesting even though repetitive at points. I would also like to point out that you are pretty fucking brave to post this for all the assholes who give this a 0, they dont look at the work put into it or the story of it, they just say its disgusting and offensive even though they are the ones that chose to watch it. Definately alot of work went into this though... still, pretty fucked up. I hope you're proud... you earned this 5.