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Reviews for "EAT MY ROTTEN MEAT 2012"

Discovered this sometime in February of 2017 (around the time I started getting into the works of Passenger of Shit and Butchers Harem) and it's what introduced me to/got me into the Alfred series.
While the animation in this video isn't top tier quality (your animation quality has immensely improved over the years), it's still an entertaining music video nonetheless and inspires a sense of nostalgia in me whenever I watch it. 4.5/5!

Almost forgot to watch this today...

All jokes aside, I first watched this years ago, when I was barely able to understand English. I can't really explain to myself why I keep coming back to this. And I think I'm finally ready to make a proper and down to earth review of this.

This music video is catharsis incarnate. Transgression against all and every single thing. No stone left unturned or taboo left unchecked. All morale and common sense chucked out the window.

Then why am I giving this five full stars out of five? Because every single time, at least for me, it's a trip outside of reality. A trip where I get to experience and obliterate every single one of my limits as a human being.

And as deranged as some people find this, I find an odd sense of calm each time the video ends. Much like how people listen to metal, not to get even more pissed off, but to help process anger.

I guess another reason I'm giving this five stars is the actual fact I'm back here. The way this keeps pulling me back in, even if years pass between each replay. I don't personally think it's too far fetched to say emily-youcis has successfully delivered a timeless masterpiece.


100/100 Best animation ever

That shit's nasty, girl!