Reviews for "The Drawing Grounds"

Why I haven't reviewed this game before is a mystery, considering how much I've played it through the years! Well, not incredibly much, but a little but incredibly enjoyable time each time, with random users and buddies alike. Though the layout's not perfectly intuitive it's such simple fun, and there's no unnecessary stuff either. No bloat. No excessive amount of painting tools and options. If there ever is a sequel/improvement made though here's a few things that'd be cool to have:

- Option to export images, as for example JPG or PNG. Would be cool if this could be done in bulk too - for everything you've made. Also an instant print feature.
- A larger vocabulary to choose from, as some of it does get predictable with time.
- Shortcut keys for more things: the 'new color' panel, color picker, redo (undo is a lifesaver but this would be good too - CTRL + Y), swapping colors (numerical keys?), saving (CTRL + S), printing (CTRL + P), closing/accepting with Esc and Enter, etc.
- A way to skip to specific pages in the portal, and to see the total, if this is possible.
- Featured artists based upon a certain formula/votes/etc, so this doesn't need to be maintained (though manual picks would be cool too).
- A save feature, so you can close the game amidst drawing, should you have to, and keep going later on.

Not going to ask for a fill option, or more drawing tools, as I think the simplicity is part of the charm here. Layout's just perfect too, with that classy NG feel. Overall awesome work making this! Seems it'll be a classic for years to come. And Flash better stick around until 2050 at least.



Awesome, but I think it would be much better if instead of sending a PM to the guy to notify them, they would just automatically get the notification in their account. Guess that's complex to code, so it's alright. Again, awesome.

Game is great. But I suck at drawing stuff with mouse.
And I have no graphic Tablet. T_T

If only i had one of those touchscreens...with the pens and shit. THEN i could draw something fine, but now i will stick to drawing absolutely nothing