Reviews for "The Drawing Grounds"

Aw-some. XD Something's missing in some of my arts... -.-

How have I not seen this until now?!

This is pretty innovative, I'm not sure if I'd spend that long on it to be honest, but I appreciate the sheer creativity that went into creating a system like that.

Great game! I'm just at a loss as to how to get those secret medals


Well notbad of a game like this I know there have been a few games that are like this out there over the years and I do have to say this was a pleasure to see and try and even the "MEDALS" are a nice touch on this some added options would be nice like more "FANCY" changes and maybe some more simple medals added aswell, overall this is a decent and fun game and I enjoyed it very much.

As mentioned above.


It's very cool that this is actually a multiplayer game. I think it's the onlz onel ike that here on Newgrounds (I know there are others with the API andcontent sharing, but none multiplayer, I don't think. It's quite simple, both in the tools and everything and in the multiplayer aspect, but it's fun! You don't have to share everything publicly, and it's a fun game to play between friends. It even gives you PM text to use. The medals also add a bit of a reward and incentive. I haven't gotten all of them yet, but hopefully I will eventually. It's got an easy-to-use, cool-looking interface. It's also super cool how you can see the artist's drawing progression in various speeds, it's like an insight into their creative process. Also, good job on removing the parts where the person was inactive and adding a skip.
There are, however, a couple things that bother me. I think it should ask for a double-check before you initiate a game with a random user or a recent user. Of course, you can just back out, but it's scary when you start a game with someone you don't know and are playing the game for the first time. Also, I agree with Cyberdevil, it would be nice to save your work so you don't lose your progress whenever you need to go somewhere. And, even if you did lose a drawing, it would be nice if it automatically saved your answer, so the other person would know you've already answered. Also, some sort of point system for time bonuses (though this could be gamed if you exited once you realized what it was and came back in and entered the answer right away. Also, maybe once the time runs out, and it's finished, you lose? That would be bad if someone kept drawing simple things or writing the names since the other person wouldn't be able to guess. I don't know. Maybe a solution could be found for these problems.
Overall though, it's still a fun and pretty unique art game!