Reviews for "Powerhouse 104"

It has been a while since I saw legit sitcom material on Newgounds...

Great show!
I love this style of animation, it reminds me of Stroker and Hoop (Adult Swim) which was one of my favorite AS shows.
Keep up the great work and can't wait to watch future episodes!

Funny best one yet, your animation is great :D

The characters look way better then YFMTS.
The character animation is great I agree with the guy bellow me amazing backgrounds.
Nice story.

Pretty good, I chuckled a few times. I like the mix with realistic backgrounds and props and clean stylized characters.

My only complaint is that when the guys were gathered around the campfire, the drop shadow you used was cast in the same area and looked pretty flat, destroying any sense of depth you had created with the background. Also, that type of shadow was never revisited, in favor of a more circular shadow during the rest of the cartoon. But yeah, thats my only criticism.

Good luck with the rest of your episodes