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Reviews for "Dark's return episode 2"

ohh MLP!!

oh come ooooon you make them longer and 20% cooler rainbow dash uncool. i like it in all but make it better

rainbow way uncool

I played this,Im playing one more time and when you make 3?

OK what the hell is this? Was ep1 made from the same person cause it was not even close to as good as this. The story in my opinion was great. I see an original combination of characters and the combat system definitely had a tune up. still from all this, what yet again ruins its perfect score is the fact that its lacking more interactive content for a game. even one of the episodes from the "Pokemon World of chaos" series registered as a movie has more interactive content then this. over all its a 4 star in my eyes.

Cody2819 responds:

Thanks. ^^ And yes everything here was made by me, I just gotten better overtime.