Reviews for "Decision 2"

this game is good. the thing you'll notice first is the excellent shooting system. it is so fast and fluid. when a zombie walks up to you you'll automatically knock him off you with a punch. the controls are easy and simple to learn you are able to pick either the keyboard controls or the usual mouse system. the game also has a lot of unlockables. you can unlock achievements, weapon upgrades, and new weapons. the game pretty much puts you in a apocalyptic world and sets you up with different types of missions. you also receive side missions to accompany the main mission. but you can decide whether or not you want to do the side missions. all I have to say for this game is that it is a job well done. hands down! 5/5 perfect score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again you managed to make me play flash games for hours!

fucking awesome game!keep up the good work!!!

wow. Just wow. The cuality is great, the music ads a great feel to it and the gameplay is wonderful to, but it would be even better if youd ad a hunger, sleep, limmited ammo and multiplayer that would make it the best 2D zombie survival game.

this game is awesome