Reviews for "Decision 2"

This game is excellent, and I know you will be able to do this in the future, others complain about a ammo tab etc. Instead add survivors into the set up, that they can maintain/be obtained and killed and sent on missons/ chance of infection/psychos/and be raided by rival survivors. Well if you even read this. Not saying the game is bad, very good game! Love it 5stars Etc.
Stuff to add-Survivors/ammo tab/5 STARS!!!!! :D

Totally outstanding! This is totally unbelieveable FlyAnvil. All my 5Rs belong to this game which you have dedicadedly founded. The gunshot sounds are cool. Graphics are awesome. The Inventory is most ashtonishing. Thanks for creating this wonder game!

Honestly, I love this game, it's my second favorite thus far. This is the third day in a row I've played it. Good mechanics and a fair amount of difficulty. 5 of 5

This game is awesome! 5 stars all the way!!!!

How do I find more Warehouses?