Reviews for "Decision 2"

One of the best zombie games I have seen in my life, it isn't a simple killing game but it isn't a long and boring decision making game, this game takes the best of both types of games
It has a big quantity of weapons and abilities you can buy, and the idea of finding warehouses to get more weapons is original and brilliant
There are lots of objectives which make the game even more interesting
The outside zones for survival are great
@lonekai to unlock the outside north area you need ramble in the center area's tower territory and search a recognizing spot where it says outside area recognizing or something like that, the same goes with the outside south area but you need ramble in the south area's cleanup territory and a recognizing spot where it says outside area recognizing
I also like the way the zombies act (when they sometimes start eating the corpses on the floor and thing like that) and the difference between the night and the day (I like fighting the werewolves)
I know you are working on a sequel called Decision Medieval so keep up the good work, the trailer looks great

BEst Game Ever rate 5/5!

the achievement says unlock 9 areas
so far i have 7
pls how to find them?

and the other achievement says
survive for 5 min outside area?
wheres that?

pls expplain in detail :D need help guys

You cant save it longer than 2 or 3 days.. So...? what sould i do to get it back?

This is one of the best games I've ever played here on Newgrounds.

One of my favorite things about this game is that it appeals to all playing styles. For example, in the beginning of the game, I stuck to using the Shotgun for everything, had it fully upgraded, and it was fun. Then I fully upgraded the Sniper Rifle, and noticed that it was just as much fun, but in a different way. I think that adds replay value and makes it fun for all types of players.

I also like how the different zombies actually feel different when you're fighting them. They don't just feel like they are the same character with a different skin, they each have their own style for fighting them. For example, to be successful you really have to fight the zombies who throw explosives and the ones who just use guns in a very different way. It's not that it's more important to take one on over the other, but they must be fought with a different methodology.

The graphics are beautiful and fit with everything else in the game quite nicely.

This game is simply great.