Reviews for "Decision 2"

I was quite impressed by this game! It wasn't on par with some of your other guys' work, but still nicely done. It's really cool to recognize those awesome zombie designs. I doubt this was intentional, but it's pretty funny to see those big lumbering bodies fall on the ground. I don't even remember the original "Decision". I like the graphic in the beginning that shows the boar thing being shot.

Even the opening graphic with the ArmorGames logo was cool! The sounds seemed to sync up really well too. It was interesting how it wasn't always your mission to just kill all the zombies, but actually do some other stuff with yourself. Sometimes you just hit the ground instead of the zombies. It was weird to see how the bullets affected the sand.

4 bosses of the hardest bosses in one match? wtf haha i love challenges

Btw your focus for picking up items or accessing atms is glitchy I cant complete the process. at max progress bar is 50%

It's a tad repetitive. I like the general concept though.
There was much more that could've been done with it.

One thing I will definitely point out is the default health regeneration: Get rid of it - it makes the game way too easy. Instead, put in some first-aid collectibles or something. If you're bent on keeping the regeneration, at least limit it.

It was like the early Dead frontier, in 2d, but much better