Reviews for "Decision 2"

Do game save?

Love the game. Everything about it, BUT I love to know what kind of creatures I'm shooting.
That would make it almost a perfect zombie shooter.
thanx for the great game.

Felt like playing a zombie based game, glad I picked a damn good one for today. Lengthy gameplay, moderately easy controls, and all the werewolves(?) you can hope to kill. Definitely going to make time for this again.

This is, hands-down, the absolute best top-down game I've played. It wasn't too easy, or too difficult. It wasn't too long, or too short. Rewards for the player's work were everywhere, but it never seemed like the rewards were undue. I think that one of the things I very particularly liked is the idea that I have unlimited ammunition, but limited time to reload - which caught me off-guard a few times as werewolves jumped at me from all sides. I had to think. I had to pace myself. I had to take the time and pick off enemies, instead of just running into a crowd or wiping them out from afar. Managing the administrative details, like backtracking to ensure that cleared areas didn't suddenly become "un-cleared" were important, but not overwhealming. In short, game balance was, IMHO, fantastic. Indeed, if this game were larger in its scope (say, 10-15 areas - with an adjusted warehouse size to keep things interesting), and there were some background story (kept minimal, but just to add that hint of additional flavor), I can see myself actually paying money for this game. I seriously think you should go pro if you haven't, already. The ~only~ problem I see is that the dialogue is a little confusing. If English isn't your first language, I salute your valliant attempt. With a decent editor and the addition of a larger, randomized map to further encourage replay value, this game would be perfect in my eyes.

Summing up the changes from Decision 1, changing the grenade to cooldown regardless of what weapon is selected really streamlined killing things. The experience system I found way too favoring of your starting weapon. Sure 90% cash for pistol kills is nice, but it only encourages you to finish enemies off with it to get the max coinage from bosses. werewolf zombies is just nuts. There's a lot more than I expected to find in this game and you made sure there was always a mission that would generate as much cash as a player might like, just in case a person didn't want to do a dangerous recon or a boring cleanup mission. Having the ability to capture towers without putting anything into engineering also made things less confusing at the start. There are SO many new skills I can't really comment on all of them. I liked how you could still throw a grenade while running. inducing your own rage? That's lovely too, if it didn't always empty when I got rage on my own. I see the "reloading while the weapon is already reloading resets the reload gauge" bug is fixed from the first game. Allowing the player to choose when the job's done helps a lot too when looking for secrets or wanting to finish off every last zombie. Finally having to capture warehouses to fully max out one's stats forces a player to capture territory rather than grinding the first couple of levels and having everything unlocked too fast. All in all, I rather enjoyed all the changes, upgrades, bug fixes, and only wish for one more thing- a way to toggle the job's done so I can use sniper rifle to my right in survival without accidentally ending the mission prematurely!