Reviews for "Decision 2"

This is a great game. Very addictive. Varied opponents. Great graphics. Loved the first game. This is so much more. Only gave it 5 stars because that was all that was there.

Absolutely love it, i have never played a game as much as i have with this, this is truly one of my favorite flash games, i got 7 hours out of this, i really did enjoy it, i loved each upgrade and to be fair the animations were great, this is going into my favorites and i hope to play it again some time,this game has so much to offer, 5/5 always

This game is truly amazing. This has probably been said before, but the quality of the game really pushes the boundary of what flash games are capable of. The gameplay was fluid, and varied. The unlockables where addictive to get. A bit of plot and a few minor debuggings and this would be ready to go on the market!

Time and space prohibit listing everything I like about this game suffice to say it has a lot of strengths to run on and no serious weaknesses to drag it down, I could point out some little stuff like the way warehouses provide too little space but that would be knit picking and I don't want to give the wrong idea. Over all this is a solid fun to play game

Totally AWESOME game!!! : )
Love the graphics , design, gore, zombies, guns especially the shotguns & every thing else but I
don't see why RPG-7 is better than Stinger though because a Stinger is
a HEAT SEEKING missile launcher & a RPG-7 is not.
Anyone know why???