Reviews for "Decision 2"

Woot...... Too Amazing

Great game, lots of fun choices and new and different ways to play through. I love it, simple but not too simple. Just enough customizing that it doesn't overwhelm you and still offers something slightly challenging.

Survival 90% difficulty, boss that "charges towards you" have a tendency to get stuck at a certain point when you're camping on the upper side of your spawn location, right behind the outer turrets/entrance. Thus, allowing you to survive 15++ (possibly infinity) minutes further as you are only facing shotgun boss and grenade boss, and the top and bottom lane minions while using SPACE, shotgun, assault(when bosses got knocked down and pushed backwards), on the same spot for the whole period...

a chain explosion of 6++ gas tank zombie may result in possible permanent spike (followed by Not Responding from the program, not confirmed, but potent if your specs are low performance)
low performance systems also:
between injuries interval where you get hit continuously, damage received seems to have delayed , resulting in receiving knockback right after you get back up, even when no more enemies are not around anymore.

We need a medal system for this game ^^

A fun zombie shooter. Nice upgrading system. Tricky level design. Some hidden stuff. Well done.