Reviews for "Decision 2"

I lost several hours to this time demon.

The only complaint is that the guns that use magazines have a "clip" size

Okay, so as a fan of Zombie/ After Apocalypse games for the most of my life, I can say this game is a fun and enjoyable game, though it has a few glitches and setbacks.

Its a fun game with a bulk of perks.
The fact that hordes of zombies can attack your controlled territories is actually really fun and enjoyable addition to this game
The levels with your weapons and perks add a new level to this game, and had me debating whether or not I should buy a perk, or save for another
The early game is a lot of fun, mostly because you feel powerful, maybe even OP

Okay, the goddamn Armor Games log in is REALLY buggy for me, at points it took me 5 minutes to connect, and another 5 for it to verify, though this could've been just me
The late game is really repetitive, and not nearly as enjoyable
The warehouse, while a balancing portion of the game, I hate it, I understand why it's there, but I would rather it be gone

Overall, I like this game, and I find it fun, it's just that there are a few setbacks to it, goddamn Armor Games bullsh-, wait, no cursing.

3.5/5 Stars, I like it

ooo the is good

Really fun this game.

Very fun :)