Reviews for "Decision 2"

although its already know of this games quality, i just feel like giving it my thumbs up too :D

the idea of playing a nameless but completely badass zombie hunter is already a great game, but in this you control him and also his path in taking a city frum zombies, thus the title. the game doesn't even seem to have bugs so far and is quiet fun with lots of replayability!

Simple but AWESOME!!!!!!!

Extremely good game! Graphics 10/5 Gameplay 5/5 !
Played for a few hours straight until i got everything haha

Good game pretty tough thought still I enjoyed it

The Game is so Epic its Atmosphere is Terrifying when i play it.And greatly enjoy such games.Always being on your guard.Never knowing whats next.And having to buy better items to survive.Simply Awesome.If i could vote.I Would want to see a third one.