Reviews for "Decision 2"

Cool! Decision available on the app store and google play!!!:)

Your game is very cool, make it the Decision 3!

great game

Great game. I like the carnage when you blast zombies with a shotgun or they walk over your mines. I only wish there were more cities to capture. The other issue is that the game is very demanding when it comes to graphics and memory compared to most other games like this. Things really slow down during tower defense. I wish there was a way to disable the flashlight as that is part of the slowdown. There is also the lack of fullscreen mode, which means everytime I accidently aim outside the game field or the game thinks I do, my guy starts moving around by himself and aiming becomes eratic. But the zoms don't care about that and kill me soon enough. There is also the fact that stand your ground enhancement is equal to aiming your sniper rifle (using SPACE key), so this conflict doesn't help. Best be armed with shotgun, or such, when standing your ground. Other than that, I enjoy this game. I don't have to tower-defend each city, I can just ignore it, and then get back into the city on foot to deal with those zoms that got through if I don't feel like dealing with the graphics slow down. I would give this game 5 starts, but that lack of fullscreen mode killed it for me. It might've solved the lagging or not, but I do notice games run much smoother on fullscreen. So I'm just guessing here. Still, I know the aiming issue often happens for lack of it. I look forward to an expansion of this game, of sorts, because there needs to be more cities. The game is that good. Well done guys.

only one way this game can improve: vehicles. that would be amazing, just driving a bigass hummer through a horde of zombies and crushing them all. other than that absa-fucking-amazing man great work!!!